Workshop of Art Portrait Photography

"When art is a way of expression, photography is my way, and the camera my instrument". Mercedes Fittipaldi (Azul, Buenos Aires, 1973) is a multidisciplinary photographer, works several themes including the portrait is, narrative or landscape Some of their projects are Dialogues with art Shoal Painful skin Dancer in red You can read some interviews … Continue reading Workshop of Art Portrait Photography

Workshop of Transfer & Suminagashi

"Everything we do creatively are just ways of expressing. It is a silent language, which is in direct communication with our interior. Observe, look, see, accept and even walk with indifferent look creative work gives a certain emotional and communicative burden to the work and enthusiasm on the holder". Mirtya Huizzi (Merida, Venezuela, 1959) is … Continue reading Workshop of Transfer & Suminagashi