José Luis Fraga & Ivan Lucas

On this week we start a new art in residence proyect: Jose Luis Fraga and Iván Lucas, one is a musician and the other a livepainter and performer. They investigate a proyect called “Open Code”, is an artistic research in the convergence of music, dance and visual arts. Experimenting transdisciplinary non verbal languages.

Jose Luis Fraga Carneiro

Faced with the exhaustion that occurs in music by the constant reinterpretation of the classical sources, and certain social and stylistic immobility of the chamber music activity causing a stagnation of the hearing, the need to seek new paths, both artistically as emerges social level, to boost growth chamber music.

The “Entremares” project stems from this need through the efforts of Jose Luis Fraga and Daniel Santos, young performers with experience in previous projects that aim to develop a new chamber music which language, under the premises of quality music, instrumental knowledge, admiration by tradition and the use of new technologies, create a vital show that penetrates the public, attracting new audiences and transform, as far as possible the impact of music in Spanish society.

Thus, an educational outreach work culture in the social field will be fulfilled and a search to the technical and expressive development in the artistic plane will start.

Iván Lucas 

Compilation of live painting performances. “Alive Painting” 2014-2016

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