Modern hieroglyphs code by David Lamarca

The artistic residence by David Lamarca has conducted a research project and intervention in the neighborhood Rodeo caves in Rojales.

Through this project, entitled “Moral Codes” the artist encodes a series of behaviors, values, beliefs and norms regarding behaviors and perspectives of massages in which the codes of communication and interpretation are diffuse and personal.

“In this way, we start codes in which neither the sender nor the receiver understands, but used. Thus, the individual acts as a passenger is in a great uncertainty. Uncertainty fueled by ignorance of its aims and methods”.

Trying these ideas, the project parts of a mural painting where the human figure is represented in the most superficial way possible, resembling runes or hieroglyphs with an iconic component, then divide into different fragments in the neighborhood.

The artist invites us to think about the different ways of relating to the environment, and how these sets various signs and rules that make a reality where individualization and incomprehension overboard the individual.


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