Alba García Martínez “Los Cualquiera”

Alba García Martínez (Badalona, 1993)

Queue, agglomeration, migration, accumulation of people, community, unemployment, disappointment, depression, stress. These words joined in a hunchback character with a current face featureless marked as absent. The character is repeated, multiplies and performs function module to create different spaces, accumulations, situations can be modified by the viewer to keep an important role in the installation.

She works in the new time of thinking art; She is a multidisciplinary artist who refuses to choose between those considered traditional disciplines (painting, sculpture, …) and new means of artistic expression.
Her work takes place at the intersection between the construction of thought critical society and aesthetic and formal research of materials. In this regard, She is interested  investigate the potential of painting, sculpture or drawing within other structures less conventional in the art as is the game, to emphasize or change the meanings
of reality.

A documentary of Alba García Bonet in the Faculty of Arts in Barcelona

This is a fake documentary on the implementation of the Treaty of Bolonia in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, used only as an excuse to show the real and overall consequences of the evolution that is following education at European level, especially in the artistic scope.

This project wants to try to surprise all participants of this educational system, arremetiéndoles with a seemingly bizarre story about the malfunction that much we complain, to provoke one rethinking their role within the University System and specifically, within the Faculty .


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