Ida Röeden works on her view of the borders

Ida Rödén born 1981 in Härnösand, Sweden
Lives and works in Stockholm.

Röden is an multidiciplinar artist. The last years she worked on her fictional character Jonas Falck. With him she created mutant animals and strange creatures which were exhibited last time in the Härnösand Konsthall.

“With thoughts about uncertainty and loneliness, I keep creating my traveling companions – presenting a logic to convince and confuse.

A first memory that will never leave me, I wave goodbye to my best friend convinced that when I lose sight of here, she will cease to exist. A rock-solid faith that I should have left a long time ago – I might have been four years. Or I was something else, which still does not help me. The feeling of loneliness has stuck.”

Ida Röden devises her own world

Ida says “So I invented my friends, to keep, through writing, drawing and sculpting. They report their fantasies, because I am always there, present as best friend or as a non-separable part of what I observe. This way I get insight into private spheres, I see surroundings I cannot possibly visit and lead conversations I would not dream of initiate with anyone living. Step by step I begin to know specific events, curious people, my own relationship to the outside world, but always at a distance. It is still freedom to experience all this, to become exhausted without lifting a foot, to be without a scratch even though I am in the middle of a bloodbath. This self-chosen loneliness is safe, in my creation I am never abandoned. Unless I want to.”

Between April 24th and May 7th, Ida has been invited to the artistic colony Cuevas del Rodeo in Rojales where she will conduct archaeological and paleontological investigations in the southeast Iberian Peninsula. Rödén will keep developing her works and give form to her imaginative world, intertwined with Erina de Laguart and the expulsion of the Moriscos.

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