We are proud to announce our first confirmed artists for the residence investigation programm 2018. If you are an artist and interested in having a very different experience living and working in a underground living space? Send us your apply there are still places and times available! But now, have a sneak peek:


“Once on this island”, 2015. Scenic design in Meadow Brook Theatre
by Jeremy Barnett


Since 2013 they work together in an artistic partnership. They are theatrical scenic designers searching for new ways for engage the audience and emphasize preexisting space, audience, and culture. In the residency they will explore locally found materials and graphic/cultural inspiration as a basis to create a new body of 2D/3D work.



“We are in the same boat”, 2017. Mural by Hiten Utami in Hannacc ( Barcelona, Spain)

HITEN UTAMI from Mima, Tokushima, Japan.

The japanese artists creates work by expressing awareness of current social issues and to spice it up with sarcasm and parody. She wants to dialog with the audiences. Make them think and touch their souls. Hiten reflects in her paintings/murals vulnerable groups of the society, actually based on themes like Bullying, Child Abuse , Domestic violence etc.
Many children don’t feel they have a place. Bullying at school and child abuse are one of the greatest problems in Japan today.

With Hiten Utami we are also preparing an very interesting emotional workshop open for all the neighbours and interested people. More information will come up soon.



“Time is running”, 2017. Illustration by Ginais.

GINAIS from Guayaquiles, Ecuador.

The topic which this young woman artist wants to investigate during the residency is the experience of Claustrophobia. In what kind of way living in an earthhouse can produce irritations and fear of restriction. “Suddenly transported me to the times of prehistory when being human life lived in that form. I think that through the painting I would like to show the day to day, the feeling of the closure, the continuous struggle and the light in the end. ”



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