Nomadic art Exhibition

Everything has a story to tell. From an old windowframe to some Papaya seeds. Alexandra Normandin is an nomadic multimedia artist but she also knows how to slow down, see and hear the history which certain elements are telling her. Everything is related in some kind of way and some things connect in a special way through her creative process.

Her investigation at the artnground cave was intensive and very creative. This sunday you can get to know more about her and her way of life, creations, and feelings. Her Open Studio in the patio the artnground cave starts at 11 a.m. It will be an interesting trip through her experience and impressions during the stay in the residency. Normandin will also offer a participatory activity for the visitors!

And there is a special feature to the event: Some of her artworks will be on SALE! This way we can contribute to her travel-artmaking an encourage art and culture to spread around the world.

***Wine, artisanal beer, and other drinks and snacks will be available during the event.

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