Create your own saint

Georgiana Phua (Singapure) is currently doing an sabbatical year in Spain. The next three weeks she will be our next artist in residence.


Her investigation target is the spanish culture. She will work with collage and embroidery. Georgiana will create like a cabinet of curiosities during her stay. In this line she works also with saints. Not in a religios way but rather more questioning about the heroes of each person.

So actually everyone can create its own saint in a workshop on saturday the 19th of october.

About the Workshop:

It´s a fun (non-religious) workshop to represent your favourite saint, or what you think a saint should look like, using a mix of techniques- drawing, collage, and embroidery on paper.

Georgi will guide you to mix up techniques and iconography to create an image that represents your saint’s qualities (real or imagined), in time to celebrate All Saints Day on 1 Nov.

Bring your sense of humor and an image of your favourite saint (optional). How about to create your Saint for Floods like we needed here in the Vega Baja last month?

Appropriate for age 8 and up!

Poster Artnground Santo

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