The Showcase is a instalation project that takes place in the window (80 cm x 160 cm x 27 cm) outside the wall of our gardenspace for working outside.

That special exhibition place gives our residents the possibility to manifest an artwork or investigation thread during his stay. The feedback of the public audience can be a interesting point for the creater.

Passing by the installation the unexpected public have the opportunity to experience artistic manifestation, meanwhile the artist can experiment with public reactions, interactivity and show the process of his/her work.

We have an interchange program about swapping artworks between both artist residences Glogauair in Berlin-Germany and Art n ground in Alicante-Spain.  Constitute a brothership in a collaboration frame. The artist residence interchange once a year a artist work which will be exhibite in the showcase of the other. Offering to the artworks of the creater a wider sphere of action.