artnground in the I Congress of Art, Nature and Landscape

Last October bridge took place the first Congress of Art, Nature and Landscape. The presentations and communications have been of great scientific quality, also, the place of the meeting has accompanied the days that have taken place in Ojós (Murcia). The Ricote Valley has been the scene of a meeting between artists, researchers and university … Continue reading artnground in the I Congress of Art, Nature and Landscape

Nomadic art Exhibition

Everything has a story to tell. From an old windowframe to some Papaya seeds. Alexandra Normandin is an nomadic multimedia artist but she also knows how to slow down, see and hear the history which certain elements are telling her. Everything is related in some kind of way and some things connect in a special … Continue reading Nomadic art Exhibition

Alba García Martínez “Los Cualquiera”

Alba García Martínez (Badalona, 1993) Queue, agglomeration, migration, accumulation of people, community, unemployment, disappointment, depression, stress. These words joined in a hunchback character with a current face featureless marked as absent. The character is repeated, multiplies and performs function module to create different spaces, accumulations, situations can be modified by the viewer to keep an … Continue reading Alba García Martínez “Los Cualquiera”

Modern hieroglyphs code by David Lamarca

The artistic residence by David Lamarca has conducted a research project and intervention in the neighborhood Rodeo caves in Rojales. Through this project, entitled "Moral Codes" the artist encodes a series of behaviors, values, beliefs and norms regarding behaviors and perspectives of massages in which the codes of communication and interpretation are diffuse and personal. "In … Continue reading Modern hieroglyphs code by David Lamarca

The Gathering: improvised music

The Gathering are a Live Concert Series from a Collective of International Musicians, at the Tea house in the Cuevas del Rodeo, Rojales. "Totally improvised music!". First Concert September 10, at 22.00 to 23.45. New incorporations will come to gather Jose Luis Fraga Carneiro and Iván Lucas, artists in residence by Art N Ground

The beginning of art in residence. August

This August comes with cultural alternatives nights in the Rojales caves. The first will be a stage performance which combines theater, poetry and music. "Where are born butterflies" is a story told through the delicate emotional beauty of poetry Cristina Granja together with the exquisite violin and musical interpretation of original compositions by Gabriel Jimenez … Continue reading The beginning of art in residence. August