2019 will rock the cave

We, from artnground, are really proud to anounce our first confirmed artists for this year 2019. Johan Sandås from Finland is already working since one week in the residence. His focus is on the daily materials which surrounds him. Material that other see as too commun to even use them.  In our backyard which is … Continue reading 2019 will rock the cave


270º halo – Circle around the sun

It's all a question about time and point of view.  Jason Maracani and Jeremy Barnett, the current artists at the artnground residence, are scenographers and installation artists from the United States and are in Spain to investigate local materials and traditional building techniques in their ongoing exploration on how to engage an audience with their … Continue reading 270º halo – Circle around the sun

Nomade Normandin

Alexandra Normandin is a multimedia artist, working currently in the artnground residence. Her investigation is very sitespecific about the cave and the surrounding but talks also about her way of life as a nomade. She is a traveller and she loves collecting little daily treasures. Her work is highly poetric and very tender. In this … Continue reading Nomade Normandin


From the artnground residence we start into the new year 2018 with our new Open Call. The Open Call is directed to contemporary art practice working with a topic of borders and marginal sites. Every discipline from plastic art, visual art, photography, performance, public art, urban art, music, design, sound art, net-art, ceramic art, to … Continue reading OPEN CALL 2018

Sparkling Proposal

No matter what the occasion, nothing says "celebration" like champagne! Whether it's a wedding, job promotion, new house or new baby, champagne is the libation of choice to mark special occasions. Eric was thoughtful in his composition of the piece and included the champagne lover's favorite, Veuve Clicquot, along with the exquisite Perrier Jouët. The … Continue reading Sparkling Proposal