The area

The cavehouse is in a quiet area, near to nature with artists working in other caves, where you can get original pieces of art. When there are events all the zone becomes a colorful attraction. You can enjoy exhibitions in the gallery Sala Mengolero (Mo-Fr from 9 to 15 h) and in the summer there are Jazz concerts, poetry recitals, collective meals and outdoor cinema. Every first sunday of the month we have a craft fair with artisan handcrafters.

There are three mountains of caves and cave houses in Rojales. The cave structure is particular aren’t two alike. It provides a constant temperature all year round, cool in summer and warm in winter is ideal living quarters. Studies show that these kinds of architecture are very safe for earthquakes.

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When to come

We live very close to the sea with excellent climate conditions. Therefore you can visit us when you want.

Most of us prefer to ask our gifts to the “Three Wise Kings”. They arrive to our homes the evening of the 5th January after a parade through the city. To mark the occasion, the day after we eat a sweet bread ringed with surprises inside: The Roscón of Kings.

From March to April it is organized a festival of Music called “Música sin fronteras”. There is a concert of different kind of music to enjoy. The entry cost only 5 €. Also, in this time we celebrate the Holy Week: our streets are filled with Nazarenes and Processions who play drums and trumpets through the city.

In May there are meeting arts and crafts with an historical recreation. Also there are a Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador. People go to spend nice picnic days in the “Recorral” Park.

The night of 23rd of June there is a night march starting from Rojales to the Cabezo Soler. There is open theatre with a performance in the Iberian necropolis.

Between June and July, Rojales celebrates “Moors and Christians” in honor of San Pedro. This tradition consist of recreation of the reconquest of Iberian Peninsula. The is a parade across the city with people dreesed up with spectacular costumes of that time.

In August there are lots of activities and parties: San Justo in Quesada, San Roque y la Virgen del Rosario in Heredades. Also there is a Festival of Rock in Heredades, to get in is just a donation of non-perishable food. The nights of Wednesday we can watch summer cinema in the river bank. On Thursday, in cave “B-art” we can watch a good film under the stars.

In Autumm, you can enjoy pleasant walks and warm days. Enjoy the wines of the region of Alicante. There are fresh white wines and powerful red ones.

In December Rojales organizes “National Contest of Lullabys and Carols”. Includes also presents a Short Novel Prize “Salvador García Aguilar”.


Our street with mural paintings


We are the numer 11.5, the neighborhood is a unique location, surrounded by parks and leisure areas, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the municipality of Rojales. Our cavehouse was completely renovated with new electricity and water in 2016. We are located exactly in Cuevas del Rodeo street number 6.