Greta Bungle collage in our patio

The photographer and visual creative Greta Bungle will make a work in art N ground residence. She shows how the pieces of paper, cuts and scraps of images becomes the protagonists of racy productions and a lot of art.

On April the 3th around 12:00 h you can visit our space and see her working.

Her work is made from cuts transformed into stories or characters on paper, clothing and murals. The goal is to find that conspiratorial wink to remove the viewer completely, inviting to engage in a thorough and critical dialogue with the injustices that happens and everything that does not work in our society.

She collaborates with other artists’ residence in Murcia AADK, Blanca or ‘La Postiza’, Monteagudo, besides being the founder of ‘Palmera Market’, which encourages other artists to move and to publicize their job.

greta bungle 2 greta bungle 4 greta bungle greta bungle3

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