Workshop of Art Portrait Photography

“When art is a way of expression, photography is my way, and the camera my instrument”.

Mercedes Fittipaldi (Azul, Buenos Aires, 1973) is a multidisciplinary photographer, works several themes including the portrait is, narrative or landscape

Some of their projects are

You can read some interviews that have been made to the artist Dawn Metropolis or Alicante MAG. As a video artist with questions about their projects. Mercedes opened his own studio, Omh Studios in Alicante. He has given many lectures and knows the photographic composition tells us in his own blog.


ARTISTIC PORTRAIT workshop will take place at the residence of artists art N ground located in Cuevas del Rodeo, Rojales (Alicante). Mercedes Fittipaldi was the winner of the Photo Club of Alicante in the first International Photography Contest with the collection “Women of my Earth”.

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