Sparkling Proposal

No matter what the occasion, nothing says “celebration” like champagne! Whether it’s a wedding, job promotion, new house or new baby, champagne is the libation of choice to mark special occasions. Eric was thoughtful in his composition of the piece and included the champagne lover’s favorite, Veuve Clicquot, along with the exquisite Perrier Jouët. The copper foils reflect the golden light of a late afternoon autumn day. As the bubbles race to the top of the flute, the sunlight captures the effervescence and shines a single spot on the glass. A time set aside to honor the achievements in life – it’s a “Sparkling Proposal”.

Sparkling Proposal“Sparkling Proposal”. Original Watercolor: 24″ x 30.5″. Eric Christensesn Fine Art

Christensen is truly unique in his field and is considered to be the country’s premier watercolor artist capable of hyperrealism through the use of standard watercolor. The artist continues to paint stunning images that remind us of the Wine Country lifestyle and delight those who collect his art. Christensen’s “wine art” begins where most contemporary wine artists leave off.  He loves to capture the romance of the wine country, which he points out, “is so much more than just the wine.


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