270º halo – Circle around the sun

It’s all a question about time and point of view. 

Jason Maracani and Jeremy Barnett, the current artists at the artnground residence, are scenographers and installation artists from the United States and are in Spain to investigate local materials and traditional building techniques in their ongoing exploration on how to engage an audience with their work.

Circle Around the Sun is a monumental sculpture using traditional materials including cane, sisal and lime.  The piece invites visitors to experience the work as a part of the landscape both up close and from afar.

This project inspired the artists to complete a series of smaller works – some using the building materials, others inspired by the shapes of the landscape.  

Both the sculpture and the more personal investigations will be shown at an opening on Friday the 27th of July from 20 h till dusk.  Visitor’s will be treated to the added experience of being able to see the sunset through the circle, connecting the landscape, the caves and the community.



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