2019 will rock the cave

We, from artnground, are really proud to anounce our first confirmed artists for this year 2019.


Johan Sandås in one of his performances.

Johan Sandås from Finland is already working since one week in the residence. His focus is on the daily materials which surrounds him. Material that other see as too commun to even use them.  In our backyard which is on half way to reform he found a perfect playground to investigate about the woods, structures and circumstances. Mostly his works ends in some performing event or in somehow a participating workshop for the visitors. In February he will get reinforcement by two partners. Moa Cederberg and Jennifer Granqvist, both mates from the University in Finland.


Selfportrait from Jennifer Granqvist.

Jennifer Granqvist, 27, graduated as a photographer 2017 and now works part time as a freelance photographer. She is currently based in Ostrobothnia, Finland.
In her artistic work she is exploring how her memory is affected by the possttraumatic stress she has been exposed to and how it, in its turn, affects how she as a photographer perceives images.
Moa works with textiles and installation art. Save their Open Studio date! Sunday the 24th we can have a look into their investigations and can talk to them about their visions and concepts!
estudio circe carmelo

Alejandro Carpintero in front of two of his paintings.

The next artist who is confirmed and about we are so happy is Alejandro Carpintero. He will come to join us for two whole month in August and September. He will focus on developing his most private paintings he every did.

In this moment we can already announce that he will have a really extraordenary exhibition (El verano precintado) before coming to us in the hall Vista Alegre in Torrevieja. The dates therefor are from the 10th of May to the 6th of July.

Also really soon we will publicate a series of workshop he will give in our residency. Get your spot as soon as possible because this artist is burning! Have a look on his Instagram!

If you are an artist and would like to experience a residence in a cavehouse, have a look on resartis on our upcoming deadline or please apply directly: artnground@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to know you!



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