Mermaids on tour

How to start the new year 2020 better than with a trip? A trip with three mermaids around the the myth of “La Petenera”. These three artist women (Sarah Benillouche, Rocio Santana Agüero, Angela Donat Mas) arrived just last week to our artnground residency. They are musicians, singers and dancers and they work on a Cine-Performance about flamenco music. The Preview will be the 3rd of January in the artnground cave.


All started when they first met in Granada. Sarah Benillouche was filming her documentary film “Un cante jondo” at the Caves of Sacromonte. The projection and the performance which they developed rises around a flamenco song, a popular song from Veracruz (Mexico), which evokes melodies of Sephardic origen. It is said that La Petenera was a free woman, cantaora, bailaora and perheps a sorceress. In the Mexican version she becomes a mermaid.

«The mermaids go on a trip» is an interior, geographical, humorous and
philosophical piece of performance art. There are influenced from jazz, flamenco and sephardic singing.  In a contemporary and experimental way they mix these different styles and improvisations. «The Sirens are going on a trip» has been presented in 2019 in Granada and France. In January 2020 they arrive in Alicante and Elche.



“Las sirenas se van de viaje”, una cine-Performance de Sarah Benillouche (teaser 3’23) from Sophie Bachelier on Vimeo.


About the ARTISTS:

Sarah Benillouche
Sephardic origin, born in Tunisia, Sarah Benillouche has grown up in France. She has made more than seven films about popular music in the Mediterranean and in Cuba. Her films speak about exile, transmissions and human utopias. Formed (voice and
piano) at the Salon de Provence Jazz School (IMFP). To bring together his two passions, Cinema and Music, she has developed the Ciné-Performance concept. Improvises with piano and Sephardic melodies and voices.

Rocio Santana Agüero
From Alicante, lives in Granada since 2015. She is a dancer and musician, composes her lyrics, likes to sing her songs and play guitar. She is essentially flamenco, but she also explores in her taconeo other styles of music such as jazz…

Angela Donat Mas
She is from Elche, the youngest of 4 sisters. Thirsty for mythologies and their re-percussions. She arrived to Granada where she studies social and cultural anthropology. She loves poetry and choose flamenco and contemporary dance as a speech, because in them she discovers how to facilitate meetings.



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